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‘Good Design’ to be continued!

Marmalade pet care, a high-end, eco-friendly, pet product design/manufacturer began a re-evaluation of its organization and goals at the beginning of 2010. While a lot of momentum has been gained in their product’s popularity, a few external factors has created unfeasible conditions to continue Marmalade pet care’s line of luxury cat products.

Brandon Bise, Marmalade pet care’s product designer reflects on its current design offerings: “This decision is very difficult for us, however we will be retiring our current product designs. The lull in the current economy has made a significant impact on luxury pet product sales, while the same downed economy has created a +30% and rising increase in the cost of raw materials. We understand that there is an interconnected economy at play here: overall demand for USA industries, the cost of oil & steel, etc. Curiously, it is the very same issues we were striving to resolve by exemplary action: Creating the desirability of well designed USA made products, while capping the manufacturing loop though local production, creating efficiencies in every aspect of manufacturing where they arise.”

Consequently, Marmalade pet care has retired its 2010 and prior product lines, to make room for new designs that will again push the envelope for cat product design, however better suited for this economy! Brandon Bise notes: “We very much appreciate our customers and retailers who have supported us though 2010, they’ve really created a fan base for Marmalade! We want to let everyone know that we will still be around… It might be a few moments pause for us during some reorganization, however we will make a strong come back with upcoming, new ‘uncommonly appealing’ and innovative designs! …Potentially a few new products will be in collaboration with some similar design-minded companies!”

Marmalade pet care looks forward to introducing new products in conjunction with more affordable retail cost structures in the future, while hopefully maintaining their eco-friendly and socially responsible mission statements.

Marmalade pet care, (est. 2006), emphasizes 'good design' in every aspect of its products: designed for pets, accounting for aesthetics, function, renewable/recyclable materiality, efficient production and affordability. Marmalade Pet Care values innovation and the creation of uncommonly appealing pet products through good design. Products are locally sourced and made entirely in the Pacific Northwest, USA

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