Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long can I expect my scratcher bed last?

A: Our scratcher beds have a very high wear resistance with specially formulated extra-durable cardboard corrugate. The product is intended to be dug into by your pet, the clawed surfaces will get softer with use, offering a comfy napping spot for your pet. The hardboard end panels will insure the overall sculptural shape and aesthetic value of the scratcher bed will be retained.

The extra large scratching surface area, (over 3' long by 11" wide), provides an extended scratching use period; its usage as a bed will last indefinitely. Similar to plush and/or fabric pet beds the recommended use period of our beds is approximately 3-4 years. After its lifecycle in your home, our products are, of course, entirely recyclable!

Q: What are the factors involved in pricing your products?

A: Marmalade pet care strives to create affordable pet furniture. The pricing of our products are set by the actual manufacture cost: hand assembled, made entirely in the USA and using responsible domestic sourcing, (sustainable forests), and US regulated production practices of environmentally friendly materials.

Q: I have heard rave reviews about your cardboard products, where can I purchase them?

A: Visit our "available at" pet boutique store listings found at:

The store names are active links to the individual pet boutique websites. If you have a favorite pet boutique in your area that you would like to reccommend to us we would love to hear about it by clicking here!